Back to Kohala


Most of the music on ‘BACK TO KOHALA” is original and was composed by the three members of the group. They’ve also included a few gems like Brian Wilson’s “Warmth of the Sun”, and Randy Lorenzo’s “Forever Mine”. While the song selection is fresh and new, the music is Kohala’s classic sound – open, spacious, organic, and warm – like the landscape and environment of the beautiful Kohala region on the Big Island where the three members live.


Recorded at Lava Tracks Recording Studio.
Cover art by Diana Lehr
Produced by Charles Michael Brotman


Review by John Berger

of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin
“Charles Michael Brotman, Charlie Recaido and Kevin Teves come together again as Kohala to share the musical magic created when a nylon-string guitarist (Brotman) teams up with two guys who prefer the hardier steel strings. The acoustic trio emphasizes the concept and contrasting textures by mixing their recordings so that Teves is heard solely through the right speaker, Recaido on the left and Brotman is in the middle. It’s a clever idea. The tranquillity and delicacy of their arrangements make this, their fifth album, a perfect antidote to the daily stress of times like these, especially when enjoyed on headphones.”

“Been listening to “Warmth of the Sun” [from BACK TO KOHALA] … I think you could have a little new age hit on your hands. I think Palm hit on something. … ” Peter Manzi, Editor, New Age Voice Magazine, 08/13/2002

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Track Listing

Forever Mine
Storybook Summer
Back to Kohala
Dreamer’s Cove
Warmth of the Sun
Kona Latte
Always Be With You
Midnight Smile
Rainbow’s End
Read it in Her Eyes